Monday, October 22, 2007

How: A Simple Idea

I like Yupo. I just like the idea that it is plastic that you can make art on. The problem is that I couldn't seem to get paint to stick to it. Then fellow Fairfield artist Elisa Khachian told me to use a paint roller (the sponge type that painters use for detail). It did the trick.
In fact it worked so well that I decided to try it on a collage. I love doing collages. I use a technique from Jonathan Talbot. The problem is that sometimes collages look "collagy." They look like cut out pieces of paper and so they sometimes lack depth. I used the roller and covered the collage with burnt umber and then wiped away the paint in spots to reveal the image below. It really popped out. The depth was incredible. Here's the finished product.

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